1. the countries of the world movement are: canada, usa, mexico, venezuela, chile, argentina, uruguay, brazil, france, belgium, switzerland, italy, hungary, bulgaria, belarus, ukraine, austria, australia

2. Currently there are 2 "desks". They are the Latin American Desk which is headed by Dario Teitelbaum and the European and English Speaking Countries Desk headed by Oren Zukierkorn.

3. Belarus - it has kenim in 9 cities and between 100-200 chanichim in the entire country. the youngest chanichim are 15 and they meet 2-5 times per week in people's houses or in other people's clubs

4. 9! - france, belgium, switzerland, italy, hungary, bulgaria, belarus, ukraine, austria

5. 2! France - Hachomer Hatzair and Hungary - Hasomer Hatzair

6. Bulgaria

7. Pedagogical Approach

8. 7

9. May 2008 in Israel at Kibbutz Holit. The topic was the Ideology - we unified our 3 pillars and 10 dibrot!

10. Rome, Paris, Belgium

11. North America - his name is Yaniv Sagee!

12. Paris, France

13. 5

14. 6

15. mexico, venezuela

16. hanhaga

17. in most european countries (maybe all?) the term "hadracha" is used to mean what we mean when we say "hadracha training". what we call hadracha they usually call bogrim. they are only now developing bogrim movements (according to what we mean by the term bogrim). maybe they will invent a new word? in australia, hanhala is the term for what we call hadracha. word salad!

18. Because there are 18 countries in the world movement. Israel, the 19th country is technically not in the world movement and has its own organizational structures.