The ken : 
  • This year our ken counted 60 to 80 Chaverim ve Chaverot in the weekly Mifkad .
  • The Ken formed one new Kwutza called Evron.

  • The oldest Kwutza of the Ken , Magen , took part in the Masa le' Polin 2010 and came back with a lot of knowledge and questions and thoughts about human being and how such things were possible .
  • Furthermore , the Kwutza Magen absolved a Hadracha seminar in Munich along with twio other jewish youth organisations , given by profesional youth-leaders . The topics variated from How to make a peula over what is a Madrich to How do I deal with problem kids ?! 
  • We organised many workshops with people from  outside of the movement : 
  • - A work shop with homosexuals about prejudices and homophobia in Austria 
  • - A workshop in cooperation with the Muslim Youth in Vienna 
  • In May , a delegation of Hashomer hatzair Vienna visited the annual co-memoration ceremony of the KZ Mauthausen . 

Our big activities over the Shomer- year 2009-2010 : 
  • First of all, we had a successful Tiul stav with the topic „Media“. Our chanichim had the possibility to learn about the power of media and it's impact on our society throughout funny and educational programs .
  • During winter-break we had a Machane Choref in Switzerland in cooperation with Ken Yitzchak Rabin Zurich . Together we brought the issue of materialism and capitalism to 130 chanichim and showed them the  importance of socialism .