This year was a very challenging year, even if it’s not finished yet, it was a success in many domains. We still have a huge work to do if we want to accomplish some of our goals: more political and social engagement, a complete and successful change in our educational project, develops culture in our Hanihim’s mind like movies, debates, conferences etc. Some of those points had been amazingly improved! In the past years, our ken had no serious structure, and after a tafkidim seminar of 3 days in September, all our purposes were clearly defined and no doubt could be found. We created several new tafkidim: like Rosh Hinuh or a second Rosh ken who handle more the madrihim while the other one handle the movement’s organization, we had a deep re-organization of our vaadot, these fundamentals stones of our ken had several lacks this is why we added some new (vaada communication, vaada goals of the year) and suppressed other ones. In mahanet Israel, we wanted a stronger education and a real educational project. Therefore we nominated a Rosh Hinuh for our ken and it’s his task to handle all the movement’s education, we had new ways of “how to give a peula” and our new guideline was interactivity!  The period of read peulot is finished and now comes the “relevant peula”, relevant for the hanih in his life but also for the madrih, who learns in the same time. We also develop the concept of daf peula and the number of improvised peulot is strongly decreasing. We wanted to put a topic on our Saturdays and mahanet but, sadly it’s something that we’ve never done until now … It’s coming for this summer. We had terrific mahanot and a very good atmosphere in the ken, this year we’re more than we ever dreamed, more or less 245 hanihims enrolled. To speak a little bit about the HH and the jewish community, we had madrihim involved in Dor hashalom. This is an organization that gathers mostly bogrim of HH and organizes debates, movies viewings and events related to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. A very good achievement: we won the lag ba’omer, a competition between the 5 zionists belgian youth movement, beating hanoah hatzioni, our biggest pride as said by all the hanihim … The oldest kvoutsa, Yehiam, is leaving in august and a new one will take the place, we hope Mizra will do all the best for the movement. We’d like also to thank all the other countries for their state of movement and are deeply sorry for the delay … Our final wish is to keep making Hashomer breathing and being a place where we learn while we have fun.

Hazak Ve’ematz

“Tikkun adam, Tikkun Olam”

Hashomer Hatzaïr Belgium, Ken Pedi Ben Ezra.