Definition of Hagshama

Hagshama Seminar Milan March 19 - 21

Hagshama is the realization of the ideology of Hashomer Hatzair.
The Hagshama Process leads to a goal for the Tnuat Chaim and gives direction to the Tnuat Noar.
A Magshim/a is a member of the movement who applies the movement’s ideology on his/her life.
He/she leads the way towards tikkun adam, personal growth through the creation of a Shomeric environment for himself/herself and his/her surrounding. He/she also practices tikkun olam, which activism in the struggle for a better world.
The Kehilat Bogrim Europe considers, out of the many ways to be a Magshim, the following definition as the most complete form of Hagshama:
Living as a socialist intimate kvutza in Israel connected to the Diaspora and to the movement all over the world (youth and life movement), and creating for itself meaningful mesimot (missions) that affect the kvutza and its environment while actively fulfilling the ideals of Hashomer Hatzair World Movement.