A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

 Mexicans in Caracas, Venezuela May 2010

Mexicans and Venezuelan Shomrim had a seminar together to support the whole Venezuelan community after the hard times due to the Anti-Semitic acts. During the seminar they discussed ideology, hagshama, pedagogy and the problems within the kenim. Mexicans: Samuel Kon, Aline Ch, Orly Heiblum, Giosafette Hermon, Isaac Baruhovich, Arturo Shapiro, Dan Moses, Eitan Rovero Shein

Latin American Kenes  June 2010

The Latin American Maskirim met to discuss their pedagogical approach posses. During this seminar they looked at different questions about pedagogical system that we chose to use in the tnua. This seminar had the objective to make the different kenim go through the same process
In the Photo: Eyal Rajzman, Kevin Ary Levin, and Tomasz Maglhaes-Seincman

MAJANE NORTH AMERICA!!! - July/August 2010

 6 Mexican Shomrim along with 20 something Americans and Canadians from Kvutzat Harel, joined forces and had a seminar in the beautiful liberty machane in the Catskill Mountains. This seminar was the first seminar ever that bridged connections with the Mexican Ken. The theme of this seminar was hadracha, as the both kvutzot were in their hadracha training year.In this picture you will see Mexicans being typical Mexicans. Their names are ARTURO Shapiro and Ari Kusner

Harel in Bulgaria!! August 2010

 Kvutzat Harel joined up with the world movement to take part in the world movement seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria. During this seminar, the chanichim took part in tiyulim in the city and in the mountains, met and had peulot with world movement shomrim, had peulot on Hashomer Hatzair, Bulgaria and many other topics