Proposed Definition for Hagshama North America

Plenum HHNA 2006

(Passed) 34-1-0

Whereas the Ideology of Hashomer Hatzair North America is based on Socialist- Zionism Whereas Hagshama refers to the method or framework by or within which members of Hashomer Hatzair North America actualize (make real) the ideology of Socialist - Zionsim 

Whereas the hadracha of Hashomer Hatzair North America are empowered and have endeavored to define “Hagshama” through the “Hagshama Process”

We, the hadracha of Hashomer Hatzair North America, state that a Magshim is a member of the movement who engages in both tikkun Adam and tikkun olam of both socialism and Zionism in some form.

We, the hadracha of Hashomer Hatzair North America, ratify the following definition as the most complete form of Hagshama for Hashomer Hatzair as: 

SOCIALIST-ZIONISM: Towards a better future Living as a socialist kvutza, defined by its intimacy and its internal and external struggle for social and economic justice, in Israel with a connection to the diaspora, while promoting Jewish people-hood and the ultimate goal of improving the world based on the above principles.

Appendix to above definition:

The above is based on a foundation made up of two vertical divisions and two horizontal divisions which combine in a matrix of four subdivisions. 

The two vertical divisions are: Socialism and Zionism The two horizontal divisions are Acting/ tikkun olam and living / tikkun adam  

The matrix looks like this:

SOCIALIST – TIKKUN ADAM                                      ZIONIST-TIKKUN ADAM


SOCIALIST- TIKKUN OLAM                                       ZIONIST – TIKKUN OLAM