Milan - Ken Holit

State of the Ken:

  o   In the last one year and a half (since we moved in the new Ken) we doubled  the members, from            about 50 to 110 (once we joined 126).

  o   In Italy, for the activities, we choose twice a year a subject to discuss about. A vaadà works in                developing peulot’s goals. Three bogrim, each week, prepare the activity making it different for              the Alef (kvutzot till 14 y.o.) and for the Bet (kvutzot from 14 to 16 y.o.). Last subjects were:                  Freedom and Alternative, Coexistence/Cohabitation.


  o   The last machanot emphasized the Italian movement’s growth (on machanè  horef we were 195) .

  o   As for the Ken’s activity, there’s an activities central subject during machanot too. Last three                  subjects were: Identity, Discovery, Relationship.

Projects :

  o   In the social:

    §  Activity with the City Angels (volunteers organization helping homeless)
    §  Protest sit-in in front of Venezuelan Consulate against antisemitism         

                   in Venezuela (coordinated from the World Movement)
    §  Collect money after earthquake in Haiti
    §  Collect money for Hashomer Hatzair Chile after earthquake

  o   In the Ken:

    §  Open Events:

      Ø   Hannukkà party
      Ø  Passover’s Seder
      Ø  Conferences planned about different topics and related by public personalities
      Ø  Meeting with the political party “The Left for Israel” planned for the 5-14-2010

    §  Inside Events:

      Ø  Lessons with prof. Andrea Bienati (guide during the seminar) to get ready for 

                            Ha’Masa Le’Polin
      Ø  Milan gave hospitality to the Keilat Bogrim at the end of March
      Ø  Tour scheduled for 5-30-2010
      Ø  Visit for bogrim only to “Risiera di San Sabba” scheduled for September 2010 with 

                            prof. Andrea Bienati

  o   Collaborations:

    §  Jewish Community of Milan and Benè Akiva

      Ø  Course on First Aid and bullying
      Ø  Purim party
      Ø  Yom Hazikaron
      Ø  Yom Hatzmaut
      Ø  Every month an article written by bogrim is published on “Bollettino”, the official                                   journal of the Jewish Community of Milan

    §  Italian Kenim  (Rome – Turin – Florence):

      Ø  Moatzot (a month before each machanè)
      Ø  Machanot (twice a year)
      Ø  Every week the activities done in each Ken are sent to each other

  o   Demonstrations:

    §  Marches against racism
    §  Protest against Neo-Nazis of Europe rally in Milan
    §  1-30-2010 (ceremony at “Binario 21” from which left the trains to Auschwitz)
    §  1-27 of each year (march for Memorial Day)
    §  4-25 of each year (march for Italian Liberation Day)