Keilat Bogrim Europe

How was the European Bogrim Movement Created?
It’s a common practice for the bogrim of the European movement to leave the tnua at the age of 18 just as it was the common practice in the Israeli youth movement.  Only in the past years when more and more bogrim went through shnat hachshara the idea of Kehilat bogrim sprouted in the minds of those bogrim. This idea joins the process that has been happening all around the world of Hashomer Hatzair – the bogrim movement and kvutsot hemsheh process in Israel, the comunot and bogrim projects in North America, the humanistic jewish kehila in Australia and the kehilat bogrim process in South America.
The kehilat bogrim process in South America Our journey started in Paris in November 2009 where bogrim from all over Europe met in order to explore the idea of building a social network as a base for creating Kehilat Bogrim in Europe. The seminar was planned and run by Oren, Maydan and Amit and of course our amazing hosts the Ken of Paris. Around 20 bogrim of the European movement and 3 North Americans - members of the last shnat kvutza attended the seminar. This seminar was built in a way so we all together can explore the option of creating a structure/community that will allow us and the bogrim after us to keep living in a shomeric way. during the seminar the bogrim managed to touch upon a vast variety of issues. By the end of it we had created 2 major tzvatim - external and internal. Each tzevet took upon them some messimot (missions) to work on until our next meeting. We also decided on a date and place for the next seminar - 19-21 of March in Milan.
A while after we all said goodbye in Paris and went back to our daily life, we discovered that it is really hard to dream when you are wrapped up in the mundane and when you cannot look in the eyes of your partners.  Unfortunately barely any progress was made after the seminar in Paris. Still bogrim managed with the help of Oren, Maydan and Yotam to plan and run a second seminar in Milan. Most of us came with low expectation considering the lack of development in the last months.
But after we checked in on how our lives are going, read Buber, learned about Hagshama around the world, celebrated Shabbat with the Milanese ken, and had many sichot about the Hagshama Process in Europe once again we felt inspired. We left the seminar with a common vision for the Kehilat Bogrim and concrete ideas on how to achieve those goals.
In the last day of the seminar we created 2 documents  (that you find below)– one is our definition of Hagshama and the second – the way we see the educational process in the tnuat noar (youth movement) in order to implement the idea of Tnuat Haim (life movement).
How does the European bogrim movement work today?
Three tzvatim were created - communicaiton, youth movement and bogrim movement. The communication tsevet takes care of communications inside the movement but also with our partners; hanhaga, shilhim and other kehilot bogrim.
In the last day of the seminar we created 2 documents  The youth movement tsevet takes care of what we decided would be our messima (mission): to create an educational process in the youth movement leading to hagshama.
In the last day of the seminar we created 2 documents  The bogrim tsevet tries to keep the bogrim community going on in our daily lives and through seminars.
The rakazim of each one of those tsvatim meet and coordinate the process.
What are our goals?
As we live in different places, it is difficult to keep the community feeling in alive our daily lives. We are trying to deal with this by organizing skype meetings and facebook threads that would enable us to communicate and learn from each other. 
Moreover, the process we would like to build for the youth movement, together with hanaga and shilhim, has to be defined and put in place. We would like to start doing this in our next seminar this summer and during the European Hadraha/ Veida.
We would also like to improve our relationships with other bogrim movements around the world, learn from each other and create common projects in the future. Finally, our main goal is that younger bogrim, that would have gone through an educational process towards hagshama would join our community and make it flourish.
of development in the last months. All of this can not happen if we do not establish a strong relationship with the Hanaga, the Shlihim and the youth movement.
Hazak Ve'ematz
European Keilat Bogrim