Kvutzot Hemshech Process
Hagshama Seminar Milan March 19 - 21

Age             15-16           16-17           17-18        18-19 (Shnat)

Kvutza        -Defining kvutza       - Changing/                   - Becoming more        - Building a European
Stage and  - Adding a mesima     transitioning from being   autonomous (tzevet    kvutza
Structure       to the kvutza           a passive kvutza to an      kvutza, self                - Keeping and
                                                               active one                       management, etc.       maintaining links                                                                                                                                            with local

                                                                                                                                     - Living with a kvutza

Educational - Introduction to     - Educating about Shnat    - Becoming more        - Exploring communal
Process             Dugma Ishit           and the other shomer        autonomous                 lifestyle
                                 - Becoming aware     possibilities                   - Exploring Shnat and  - Exploring alternative
                                  of belonging to the  - Educating on society’s    the values around it     societies + 
                                 European Movement  pressures and its impact                                    hagshama options
                                 - Hadracha training    on our ideals                                                - Exploring relationship
                                 - Learning the basic   - becoming involved in                                       with Israel
                                   ideology of HH        ideologically based
                                                                seminars and decisions

Mesima           - Starting a project    - Being a madrich/a          - Leading the ken          - External projects
                                  which is internal to                                                                       which improve society
                                  the ken
Central        - What does it mean    - How do I navigate         - Do/how will I        -What is my role in the
Question         to be a madrich/a?      the relationship                lead the ken?            leadership of the
                                 - Do I want to be a     between my kvutza         - What is( will be)        movement?
                                 madrich/a?                 and the general               my connection to    - How/do I want to be
                                 - Do we want to stay   moetzet?                         the movement next     a magshim/a?
                                 together as a kvutza?  - What do I want to         year?                     - Do I want to join the
                                                                  pass on to my                   - Do I want to go   Tnuat Chaim/Bogrim?
                                                                  chanichim?                      on Shnat?
                                                                                                       - What do I do if I
                                                                                                       don’t go on Shnat?
                                                                                                       - What is the next step
                                                                                                       of our kvutza?