In the last year, the mexican tnua has begun two different processes. 
First, we have being going through the pedagogical aproach process, during which we have created different questions about the pedagogic system we use in the tnua. Since then, we have been answering the questions one by one and we have the intention to present these questions in the Kenes Mazkirim of Latin America so every ken goes through this process which we think its amazing.
Second of all, we´ve been trying to move our tnua to a world level. Last month we had a seminar in Caracas together with the Venezuelan Ken, this seminar had the objective of supporting the whole venezuelan comunnity due to the hard times they are living because of their president. Also, we spoke about idelogoy, hagshama, problems of the kenim, pedagogy and created different projects to to together. Also, we are begining to organize a seminar with you guys (the northern North America movement), for july of this year. We believe that the more conections we can have with different countries, the richer hadracha and project we will have thanks to the feedback that we can obtain from all the shomrim all around the world
The tnua, saturday to saturday its around 70 people. This year we have had 1 javaya (one weekend long majane) and one majane (6 days long majane) and we are going to do 1 majane and one javaya more. The kehilat bogrim here in Mexico began to work this year with a project called Makom, unfurtunately they are having a really hard time with it. We have a lot of little project ahead, such as battery recycling inside the ken and collecting the things-you-use-to-open-a-can so we can get a weelchair and donate it. 
We are really excited about this project and expect you to continue with this amazing comunication!
Regards from Mexico