Super Awesome World Movement TRIVIA!!!!

1. Name all the countries in the World Movement

2.  How many 'Desks' are there in the World Movement Hanhaga? What are they and who are their heads?

3. Which country has the most kenim in different cities but has the fewest number of chanichim in each ken?

4. How many countries are there in the European Movement?

5. How many countries spell Hashomer Hatzair differently while still using the Latin alphabet? (which ones? how do they spell it?)

6. Where is this year's European Hadracha Seminar taking place?

7. What is the topic of the current World Movement process?

8. How many countries are represented in this year's shnat kvutza Ga'ash?

9. When was the last World Movement Veida? Where was it? What was its topic?

10. Which three kenim see around 200 chanichim per week?

11. Which continent currently has the only Central Shaliach of Hashomer Hatzair?

12. Where did the European Central Shaliach used to be stationed?

13. How many kenim are there in Brazil?

14. How many countries are there in the Latin American Movement?

15. Which countries in the Latin American Movement do Shnat on the same schedule as the North Americans?

16. What does 'mazkirut' mean in the Australian movement?

17. What does 'hadracha' mean in most (maybe all?) European movement countries?

18. Why are there 18 questions in this quiz? why not...19?