Rakaz/Rakezet Bogrim Job Description

1. Oversight

The Rakaz/Rakezet Bogrim is responsible for oversight of the following:


  • North American Bogrim Movement process: The development of common vision and action of the North American Bogrim movement. This includes North American Bogrim Seminars, and North American Life Movement projects.
  • Chaim/Magshimim: The continuing building of a life movement for older Bogrim and Magshimim.
  • Chagim: Jewish holiday events in Toronto and New York.
  • Local Community: Bogrim community events in Toronto and New York.
  • Hadracha for Kvutzot: Madrichim for Bogrim Kvuzot, as well as Mamshichim Kvutzot/Shichvot that are beyond the stage of Mamshichim.
  • Mifgash: For Mifgash, the tafkid is not only oversight of all the Mifgash programs, but acting as the Rakaz Mifgash, coordinating the different Mifgash programs, as well as guiding the Mifgash Bogrim program.

Oversight includes building tzvatim to be directly responsible for each area, guiding those tzvatim, and leading a particular area where appropriate.


2. Hanhaga

The Rakaz/et Bogrim is a member of the North American Hanhaga. This body includes the Canadian and American Mazkirim, the Rakaz Mamshichim, the Rakaz Bogrim, and the Canadian, American, and Central Shlichim. As a collective this body is responsible for oversight and leadership of the North American movement as a whole, and it is the job of the Rakaz Bogrim in this forum to particularly represent the Bogrim movement and community, as well as to represent the Hanhaga in the realm of Bogrim.


3. Communication

The Rakaz/et Bogrim is responsible for monthly updates to the wider Hashomer Hatzair community, as well as to the bogrim, about what is happening in the Bogrim Movement and Community.


4. World Movement

The Rakaz/et Bogrim is responsible for representing the North American Bogrim Movement to the World Movement.

The Rakaz/et Bogrim is responsible for working with the Central Shaliach to prepare activity reports on all Bogrim activities for the World Movement to send to the Hagshama Department.


5. Mas Tnua

The Rakaz/et Bogrim is responsible for collecting Mas Tnua from the Bogrim. It will remain separate from the Mas Tnua of the U.S. and Canada.