Ken Yitzhak Rabin

Dearest Chawerim,
The year of 2009/2010 was very challenging and eventful for our branch. We started off with the inauguration of a new Bogrim-Kwutza (with Bogrim we mean the leading body of our ken, in reference to your madrichim, ages 16 to 18). Until new year’s eve of 2009 the two kwutzot Dalia and Lahav lead the ken as one united Bogrim Kwutza. It is custom in our Ken that after two and a half years of Bagrut, the older of the two Kwutzot leaves the movement. In order to change that fact, the Shlichonim held an ideological seminar to outline the benefits of a more mature leading body. The outcome was that the older Kwutza Lahav decided to stay an intimate Kwutza with an ongoing Kwutza process yet not remaining an active part of the Ken. Lahav is currently engaged in their own project with people seeking asylum in Switzerland. In addition they meet on a weekly basis to spend time together and to have Peulot given by their Madrichim. 
The Kwutzat Dalia is leading the Ken independently. We have had a decrease in Chanichim who come on a regular basis (currently about 80 each week). This is understandable due to the fact that we have had to move our Ken due to construction work at the Jewish community center here in Zürich. Another factor is that we’ve decided to change the structure of our Kwutzot to a one-year system. This means that until this year children of two subsequent birth years were together in a Kwutza as opposed to now where only children from one birth year are in a Kwutza. Our main goal that we hope to achieve by doing this is to have smaller and more intimate Kwutzot and to have our structure allow us more implementations like seminars, international curriculums and programs like shnat. Also we think that a more mature leading body with relevance and purpose is beneficial for the growth of our so beloved movement. 
In the beginning of November 2009 we had a change in our Shaliach position. After 3 years Betzalel Segev was replaced by Liad Levy-Mousan, an alumni of the Swiss Ken. He’s integrated very well and has been introduced to our ways and customs working together with a supportive Shlichonim group (currently 4 Shlichonim are actively supporting the ken and its surrounding). 
Projects of the past year
This last summer (2009) the Kwutza Dalia went on their Machane Israel as a part of their hadracha. There they created good bonds with the Austrian Ken and decided to hold a Machane together in the Winter of 2009/2010 (the topic was materialism). It was a huge success and brought the two Kenim closer.

We also held a Machane in the fall challenging the different concepts of freedom in society and our daily lives.
  • Tiyul Soziali: Tiyul Soziali is a Swiss project combining a social project (like entertaining old people, asylum seekers or drug addicts) and a sleepover with quality time in your Kwutza.
  • 1st of Mai: We decided to join hands with the Swiss branch of the International Falcon Movement (a socialist youth movement) for the demonstration of the 1st of may (yes dear American friends in Europe labor day is in May). The topics we gave attention to were children’s rights and bigger budgets for educational funds.
  • Just two weeks ago the Kwutzat Bogrim (Dalia) were on their Masa le Polin, meeting the Shnat Kwutza and the other Kenim for a life-changing experience.
  • Like every year we organized a very successful Rabin commemoration ceremony on one of the big squares in the city.
We hope that this document has given you an insight into our Ken and we hope that you can come and see for yourself soon!!!
Chisku ve Imtzu
The Swiss Maskirut