State of the Movement Letters

Reportes del Movimiento

April 2010

Dear Partners in the Tnua Olamit of Hashomer Hatzair,

In this section, you will find letters written by Shomrot and Shomrim from all over the world, telling the story of Hashomer Hatzair today. The letters tell about our kenim growing, and of new initiatives making us more relevant to people and communities in need. They tell of our educational processes improving, and our ideas spreading to other communities, movements, and educational institutions. They tell of kvutzot, kehilot, and individuals creating a Tnuat Bogrim, struggling to carve out a space to live Shomeric lives – meaningful, intimate, revolutionary lives.

There are many challenges before us – challenges to prove to the rest of the world that we are important, to make our ideas a reality, to develop partners, to learn, to grow. But it seems now safe to say that Hashomer Hatzair, this giant of a movement almost a century old, is rising from its slumber, shaking off the dust, and marching forward toward Hagshama. We need only the strength and courage to turn dreams into reality, and it seems that we have it. Much later, the history books will say so as well.

Chazak V’Ematz,
Yotam Marom
Kvutzat Orev
Hanhaga Rashit
Hashomer Hatzair North America