Testimonials of Chanichim of Ken Nir Oz (TORONTO)

Being part of Hashomer Hatzair Canada has definitely changed my life. During my approximately 4 years in Hashomer I have become more aware of the world around me as well as the importance of true friendship. My kvutza is full of people I love dearly and they mean the world to me. Hashomer has also taught me more about myself and it has helped me on the path to discovering who I am. The thing I value most about being a Shomeret is that I have the feeling that I can make a difference in my life and the lives of others and this gives me confidence. Our peulot teach us about different issues around the world as well as things happening in our own backyard. Some of the peulot I remember best are the ones that bring out new concepts and perceptions. It’s amazing for me to believe that there are people around the world that are part of the same movement, and the knowledge that this exists is exceptional. I have no idea who I would be without Hashomer as the experiences I have endured have been exceptional.  Shir Grunebaum, Tz G 2010

In being a part of Hashomer Hatzair NA, i have found myself to be a part of an enormous, loving family. I have learned many useful skills (socially and otherwise) from my kvutza and everyone around me. Life-long friends are made in such a short period of time that it feels like it's almost impossible. My life has changed so much, of course for the better, and I hope to retain the positive influence that HH has reflected upon me. HH is a big part of my life, and I know that I will never forget these experiences. Rose Lewis, Tz G 2010

I learned a lot about myself in the 2 years that I've been active in Hashomer Hatzair(starting third). I have learned that I have a strong personality and that life isn't very different no matter where you go, except only the boundaries to which the certain aspects of life are reached. Peace is not a situation, it is realistically a lifestyle, and lifestyles can change easily when things either strain, change, and possible endanger your lifestyle. I've learned way more things then I would have expected to learn while I was just starting Hashomer life. I thought that it was merely a fun place to be but it is so much more. Hashomer is important to me because it became a part of my lifestyle and morphed my lifestyle to be better suited to things and experiences that I have had while being surrounded by Hashomer Hatzair. Daniel Ratushnyak , Tz Bet 2010

growing and learning with my kvutzah through hashomer hatzair has been and is a vital part of my life, and is what has shaped who i am today. Being a part of hashomer allows me to be who i am, think critically about the world, feel at home with a group of fellow youth who i have an incredible connection with. Expressing my jewish identity while, acknowledging the importance of connection with all types of identities, discussing and analyzing things philisophicly politicly or sleepily, and realizing the value of a close and motivated young group of people has impowered me to believe i can with my kvutzah create a change in this world. but lets face it, what i can squish into a few lines, cannot begin to encompass all my feelings about my expierience through this movement. Lots of people say this (in hashomer canada atleast) but what ive learned through hashomer hatzair is so much more than i ever learned from school. chazak ve ematz. Iris Benedikt , Yedid 2010